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Ninga Aki Pathway

Ninga Aki Pathway

483 County Road
Garden MI, 49835

Tel: (906) 644-2603


Nestled along northern Lake Michigan, the campground lies in one of Michigan's southernmost boreal forests. It is located in Delta County, 10 miles south of Garden via County Road 483 and Portage Bay Road.

The Ninga Aki Pathway provides visitors 2.7 miles of maintained hiking trail amidst a boreal forest ecosystem.

Towering white pines, cedars, spruce and balsams shade the thick mosses, wildflowers and ferns that blanket the forest floor.

The Ninga Aki Pathway consists of two loops, including the Lake Michigan Loop (2 miles) and Bog Lake Loop (.7 miles). Roughly 1/5 of the Lake Michigan Loop is located on the shoreline of Lake Michigan where a unique limestone beach offers a beautiful view of Portage Bay. The Bog Lake Loop provides scenic board walk trails through dense cedars and balsam thickets while also offering a picturesque view of Bog Lake.

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