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Use this weather tool before going out on the water

We’re making it easier and safer than ever to get out into the Bays de Noc! Now water recreationists can learn about live wind conditions and water temperature in Gladstone Harbor with the weather bug tool. 

The weather tool was added to the area with the help of Jarred Drown, an Escanaba hotel owner, who thought it may be useful for local water recreation. He and his business partner are avid kite surfers themselves, so they spend a good chunk of their time looking for accurate information on water conditions. They saw some similar weather tools with live updates or cameras and thought it would be a good addition to Gladstone Harbor. 

“We have tons of sailors and boaters,” he said. “We’re a protected bay, so knowing which direction the wind is blowing and how strong it is is super helpful for people to get out there.” 

Anyone can use the weather tool, linked below, to find air temperature, water temperature, wind speed, air pressure, UV index, humidity, air density and more. 

Wind conditions and water temperature will be most commonly looked at — for sailors especially. Cold water can become a little more extreme and dangerous, Jarred said. For boaters looking to get up in the northern part of the bay, no wind or very light winds out of the north are ideal. Those fishermen pleasure boaters, pontooners, water skiers and tubers will want light north winds and light westerly winds or no winds at all. If you’re going sailing, any wind direction within the 5-15 miles per hour range is prime, he said. Any more than that and conditions become extreme with choppy waters. If you plan to sail south of Escanaba, 15-mile-per-hour winds can create big, choppy waves, too. Big boats may handle these waves just fine, but smaller vessels will have a harder time. 

Before you take your boat into the Bays de Noc or take a dip in the lake, check out this incredible tool to plan your day! Stay safe, and we will see you on the water!  

Take me to the weather tool 

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